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White Plains Personal Injury Law Blog

Third construction worker killed at World Cup stadium site

Construction accidents should not be described as a "trend." Sadly, in Brazil there seems to be a trend developing for fatal construction accidents in connection with the building of soccer stadiums for the upcoming World Cup.

While official pronouncements express sadness and regrets at the most recent death, that of a construction worker killed by a piece of falling iron from a crane, it appears that inadequate safety conditions remain at the construction site.

Young doctor dies of medical malpractice, suit alleges

It is always somewhat shocking when the apparent victim of medical malpractice is a doctor, nurse or other health care professional. We should not be surprised that they are human too, fall ill and can be subjected to negligence in their treatment. It becomes even more egregious when the doctor who dies is young.

A case from Pennsylvania presents a truly tragic set of circumstances, with a young doctor, full of great promise, dying in a hospital room within weeks of finishing medical school.

The woman graduated from medical school on May 11, 2013. Shortly thereafter, she was experiencing "nagging headaches" and "unexplained bruising." 

Worker drowns in bridge construction accident

A construction worker died last week during construction of a new football stadium and pedestrian bridge for Baylor University in Texas. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) began their investigation to determine the cause of the fatal construction accident.

Two workers were working in a lift basket of a "cherry picker" and were welding with acetylene torches on beams for the pedestrian footbridge that is being constructed near the new football stadium at the time of the construction accident. The lift rolled or slid off the barge and the two workers were tossed into the cold water of the Brazos River.

Cement truck driver dies as vehicle crashes into home

The crash of a cement truck into a home in University Heights left the driver dead and injured four people who were in the building at the time. The cement truck apparently went out of control and struck the building with such force that it moved the building off its foundation.

The fact that only the driver was killed was remarkable, given that children were present and playing in the home at the time of the truck accident. The truck hit six cars after it left the Major Deegan at a high rate of speed. The truck, which from the video of the accident appeared to be a concrete pumper that is used to deliver concrete to construction sites via a long boom arm

Brain damaged woman "wins" $16 million after subway fall

The headline touts the damage award, describing it as "wins $16 million," as if it were a lottery ticket. Woe unto anyone who is lucky enough to "win" anything in this manner. Don't get us wrong, we hope for the best, and while it is technically a win, and better than the alternative, no one ever wants to find themselves in the position of this Bronx grandmother.

Slip-and-fall accidents are often looked upon as not being "real" accidents. We all have fallen from time to time, and perhaps because of that, may look less charitably on those who suffer genuine injuries from these types of accidents.

But we assure you, these are very real injuries: people suffer traumatic brain injuries, break their necks and are paralyzed and some die as a result of the injuries sustained in these falls. 

January has been a deadly month for pedestrian accidents in NYC

In the first two weeks of January, 12 pedestrian died after being struck in car accidents. In one of the accidents, a 9-year-old boy died, and his uncle noted that police informed the family that alcohol was not involved in the collision. Yes, drunk driving remains a significant problem across the U.S. and thousands die every year as a result of drunk drivers.

But drunk driving is not the only problem on the nation's streets and highways. The pedestrian accident that killed the 9-year-old occurred when the driver of a taxi made a turn and did not see the boy walking with his 6-foot-3 father. They were crossing the street at a marked crosswalk with a green "walk" light. 

Charges dropped in fatal dump truck accident

As we have previously noted, there are many ways to be injured or killed on a construction site. From falls to being crushed by heavy equipment, workers safety demands constant vigilance on the part of everyone on the work site. The more unusual risks, caused by defective or poorly maintained equipment are dangerous and certainly kill and maim far too many workers, but sometimes, it may be the ordinary that is just as deadly.

A large number of workers are killed every year in construction accidents involving motor vehicle accidents on and around construction site. While falls tend to kill in injury many workers, accidents involving all variety of motor vehicles pose a significant threat to all construction workers.

Nursing home fire kills five residents

A fire this week that tore through a nursing home in Quebec reminded us that sprinklers in nursing homes and long-term care facilities are one of the most important safety features a facility can offer. In the Quebec fire, the facility, which was described by one official as "modern and very well kept," lacked sprinklers in the older portion of the facility.

The fire resulted in five deaths. Fires in nursing homes are inherently horrific, as many of the residents are unable to move from their beds because of age or other physical limitations. Others may suffer from dementia or similar mental disorders and not recognize the threat, even as fire alarms sound.

Man lift accident leaves construction worker severely hurt

It can be very dangerous when unsafe conditions arise in relation to a piece of equipment during construction work. Examples of things that can lead to unsafe conditions arising in relation to a piece of equipment include failure by a construction company to keep the equipment in proper working order and failure by a construction company to teach their employees how to operate the equipment in a safe and proper manner. It is incredibly important for construction companies that operate here in New York to not commit such failures, as construction workers can get severely hurt in equipment-related accidents.

Recently, a construction accident involving a piece of equipment occurred in another state.

Diabetes test now recommended for all pregnancies

Pregnancy is always special. The birth of a new life holds so much hope and promise, but not every pregnancy goes as planned. While most of the 4 million births that occur every year are straightforward, some are not. And of those, some result in birth injuries to the child and a few bring complications that can threaten the life of the mother.

Gestational diabetes is one of those conditions. Every year in the U.S., about 240,000 women experience gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. It can cause an increased size in the child, which can lead to birth injuries like a dislocated shoulder or broken collarbones. Women with the condition may have to deliver via a cesarean section.