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Any sudden death is bound to be a shock and a great loss to family members. An accidental death brings with it the pain of "What if?" and "Why?" questions that have no good answers. Meanwhile, next of kin must take time to grieve, pick up the pieces of life and move on somehow. While a family is responding to the loss of a husband, wife, mother, father, sister or brother, there are various urgent practical and legal matters to take care of. Family members often contact Tomkiel & Tomkiel for guidance and direction after a fatal:

Our attorneys provide much-needed guidance and support in legal aspects of a wrongful death case, giving families time to grieve. Meanwhile, a detailed investigation can begin immediately, helping to build a strong case for compensation from negligent parties such as motorists or property owners.

Manhattan and Scarsdale, NY, Wrongful Death Attorneys Work With Families to Document Losses After Fatal Accidents

New York law allows the victim's family to seek compensation for all actual monetary losses, including funeral expenses, lost earnings and financial support. In certain situations, the economic value of services provided by the decedent, such as parental guidance and counseling, may be claimed.

Our attorneys have spent more than 30 years helping families get fair compensation for lost loved ones. Tomkiel & Tomkiel lawyers work closely with surviving family members to prove and demonstrate to claims adjusters the impact of the loss of a loved one's life. If you have lost a family member because of an act of negligence, contact us today.

NYC Fatal Accident? Attorneys Can Prove a Negligence Claim.

A critical key to obtaining fair compensation in a wrongful death case is to prove that the accident was caused by an act of negligence. We do this by demonstrating that the responsible party owed a duty of care to the victim. Our lawyers will build a case to show that reasonable care was not taken and that the death was the direct result of that lack of care. Our legal opponents know from the record that we will take a case to trial if necessary to get the compensation that our clients are entitled to after a wrongful death.

After a Wrongful Death Claim: Compensation for Accident Victims' Suffering and Estate Issues

In addition to seeking the compensation mentioned earlier, we are willing to file additional claims if the victim suffered prior to death. These are actually second claims brought on behalf of the estate to seek additional compensation for pain and suffering.

We work to address estate administration matters. Our attorneys help families ensure that a loved one's assets are passed on appropriately, including proceeds from wrongful death claims that are paid to the estate.

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