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Tomkiel & Tomkiel, from law offices in Scarsdale and Manhattan, represents people in personal injury and wrongful death cases stemming from a wide variety of incidents and accidents.

Professional Assistance With Construction Site Injuries

A construction site can be a hazardous place, especially if site managers, contractors and subcontractors fail to uphold the standards of safety. If you have been hurt while working on a construction site, our attorneys will carefully examine your case to determine which parties were responsible for your injuries. Then, we will help you pursue the full compensation you deserve.

  • Construction accidents: Construction crews put their lives on the front lines of "progress" every day, often laboring in risky and dangerous conditions. Many pieces of workplace equipment are customized for specific businesses, making cases involving defects particularly unique. Our law firm has the experience to handle one-of-a-kind defective product cases.

    • Crane accidents: New York City has been the scene of several dramatic crane accidents in recent years. Whether your crane accident made the news or not, learn how Tomkiel & Tomkiel can help you pursue maximum compensation for an injury or a family member's death at a construction site.
    • Falling objects: Injured passersby as well as construction workers should get top-notch legal advice after an injury caused by a falling object at a construction site.
    • Scaffolding falls and ladder falls: New York's Labor Law 240 holds property owners and general contractors responsible for compensation of workers injured in falls from scaffolds and ladders. Recent changes in the law have also held workers partially responsible in some cases. An experienced construction accident law firm can help protect a worker injured in a scaffolding or ladder fall.
    • Failure to warn: If a manufacturer or other third party failed to warn a construction worker of hazards and necessary safety precautions, there may be cause for a third-party liability claim after an accidental injury.

Workers' Compensation

If you have been hurt while on the job, our attorneys can help you assert your rights and pursue the full compensation you deserve. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process, keeping you informed about your case and helping you make the best possible decisions. As with all of our injury cases, our goal is to help you recover the maximum possible compensation.

  • Workers' compensation: A prompt workers' compensation claim after an on-the-job injury should get underway as soon as possible after a serious workplace accident. Our injury lawyers help ensure that injured workers begin receiving payouts as soon as they are eligible.

    • Workers' comp benefits: Clients of Tomkiel & Tomkiel can rest assured that our law firm will keep them fully informed, educated and well represented in the area of workers' compensation benefits. Go to this page for an introduction to some of the basics about benefits you may be entitled to after a workplace accident.

Ready to Handle a Wide Variety of Injury Cases

Our attorneys have more than a century of combined legal experience. Backed by a strong familiarity with New York personal injury, workers' compensation and Social Security Disability law, we are prepared to help injured residents with a full range of legal issues.

Serving Westchester County and Manhattan · Automobile Accident Lawyers

To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our New York City injury lawyers after a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury or construction accident, call or email Tomkiel & Tomkiel. One of our attorneys pledges to respond promptly.